Edd Enders

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Artist Statement

I feel a certain intimacy with the environment of the Northern Rockies and people’s interaction with it. I was born and raised in Livingston, Montana. As a child and adolescent, I literally spent all my free time observing, drawing, camping, and hunting. Later, in my teens, I worked on survey teams throughout the Northern Rockies and Plains. For eight years I worked as a guide, packer, wrangler, and cowboy. 

Living in isolated areas gave me ample time to ponder, observe, and draw. I look for patterns, shapes, and relationships that bring an emotional response to me. I convey that response through color. as my life changes, different and new motifs appear, while at the same time, there are elements that have always moved me. 

I’m not interested in painting history at this time, I’m not trying to consciously depict hidden, obscure meanings or make social-political statements. My only statement is, “This is what I see and this is how I feel.” I feel that my work of the last eighteen years is a stepping-stone and I am not sure where it is taking me, but I do know it is exciting. I study, interpret, simplify, draw, and paint the images that I choose. There is nothing more or less to it and that is all. 

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